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3 at the back...

Speaking from my FIFA and ProEvo Soccer managerial experience… three in defense is a horrible idea… in real life, I have no idea. 

Chocolate cake…

Champps chocolate cake can go… Uh… Throw itself in the trash.

history FTW...

found on The Stranger Slog … cue this never making it mainstream so Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin can continue being #dumb.

Set Pieces Soccer Blog: #MLS - What's With All The #NYCosmos Drama?


(New York Cosmos)

The NY Cosmos’ latest announcement of Manchester United legend Eric Cantona joining the organization as Director of Soccer has created quite the reaction today. As I skimmed through twitter for reactions, it seems like there is a lot of negative reactions. A lot of…

It’s almost a given at this point that NYC is getting a second team… which I might be fine with now that my beloved Juan Pablo Angel has left for LA Galaxy *barf*.

environmental uh oh...

the article and explanations are hella interesting, and also scary, in its implications for environmentalism and keeping the earth healthy.

So long, farewell...

And so goes away my favorite villa chant coming from the holte end for big john carew

A multitasker’s dream…

A multitasker’s dream…